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Shade: Impossible Odds by PaulOoshun
Shade: Impossible Odds
Red Havok led the Challengers and Mr Shade formed the group that spawned them (in rebellion against him using them).  The tie in was too neat not to do it.
New Havoks: Impossible Odds by PaulOoshun
New Havoks: Impossible Odds
Red Havok and Replacer in one, I'm so happy with this idea.
Evilstreak: Impossible Odds by PaulOoshun
Evilstreak: Impossible Odds
One of my favourite reimaginings combined the hapless sidekick Timmy Quick and my own villain Evilstreak, who was more of a supernatural speedster.
Weedlord: Impossible Odds by PaulOoshun
Weedlord: Impossible Odds
Not a plantman rip off or even one of ours, but rather the incredibly named "Weedlord Bonerhitler" from CoH.  Possibly the finest mind of our generation, certainly in the arena of online roleplay.

So what I'm going to do for the next month or so is put up a series of superhero/supervillain characters.
These are all re-designs of characters made by myself and friends, but I decided to re-design them in the vein of the Marvel Ultimate universe, freeing them of some of the constraints imposed on them by the engine they were designed in.  The Challengers are earth's foremost metahuman team, but with this opportunity to remake them I wanted to tone down the powers of many of them, and beef up the threats they face.  I called the whole thing "Challengers: Impossible Odds" to differentiate from the "original" continuity.

I found it a huge challenge of my own, because these are mostly the creations of other people.  People I know and respect a great deal, and who have poured heart and soul into many of these.  There's a trepidation in using the material of someone else, even with their permission, because I really wanted to stay true to what I understood to be the nature of each character.  I was overjoyed whenever someone who created the original took the time to let me know they approved the re-imagined version.  It's been enormous fun and I really can't thank them all enough.
I think the inspiration of good material and the constraint of keeping the characters recognizable to the originals really brought out some fun ideas, and I certainly loved doing this.  I hope if you get the chance to browse through them you enjoy them too.

From an artistic point of view I think my work gradually improves, although the base line I'm starting from is "Shit", so it improved to "Not-Quite-So-Shit".  I learnt a bunch of stuff, tried a bunch of programs, and generally used the whole thing as a learning exercise.  I want to re-draw a bunch of them.  I want to draw a separate one of just the Challengers.  I want to make up little sheets for each of them that shows their abilities, skills, the threat rating of villains etc... but I don't know if I'll have the time and dedication to go back and do that to them all.  Sometimes it's best to learn and keep moving, maintain momentum.

Enough rambling, time to post up today's Impossible Odds redesign!

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Heyo. Don't know if you remember me but we used to RP on Formspring back in CoH. I was MsRepresntation. I hear a lot of good things about you from my other veteran coh friends.  Hope all is well. :) 
PaulOoshun Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2013
Hi! Yeah I think I remember, thanks for dropping by. Nice to hear people enjoyed playing with me, I certainly met some great people through the CoH community.
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If you ever wanna reconnect with some folks from CoH, feel free to pop into CO. My global is *jupejuperocket :)
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